Sunday, November 6, 2011

Motorbike chain oiler

I am quite lazy, therefore I decided to make a motorbike chain oiler for my yamaha. Having this I would never need to think about oiling the chain! I started with browsing the Internet and finally decided to build one that doses oil due to gravity force.
The dropping of oil is being regulated by a valve (used in fish tanks), to avoid oil puddles a solenoid valve that cuts the flow is mounted in series. Problem that I faced was how supply the valve with energy and steer it. The electric diagram of my motorbike turned out to be helpful. I've noticed that starter relay works inversely to what I needed.
I started with a small shopping:
 What you can see above is:
  • Transmission oil 80W90
  • fuel line 3m
  • Car relay 35A (I don't need such a big one, but it is easier to assemble it)
  • Electrical wire
  • Fast-wiring connection (they simplify the connection)
  • Some connectors and heat shrinkable tube
  • Fish tank valve (I dont know for what they really do :))
  • Solenoid fuel valve for skoda (check tightness!)
  • Brake fluid tank from "URSUS" tractor
  • Cable tie
  • Aluminium alloy pipe 6x1x1000
  • Steel clamp
Before starting the assembly in the motorbike I have made some electrical connection, and insulated it with heat shrinkable tube.
Because of the dimension it is hard to connect pipe with tank. To do it I have soften the pipe using hot water and then fixed with cable tie.

I started the assembly in the motorbike by getting to the relay box. To do this only an electric diagram and a multimeter is needed.
 I used fast-wiring to connect to electric system.
I fixed everything to the frame to avoid the movement of components.
  Then came the time to fix the oil tank...
  Hose is going under tank to solenoid valve and then to fish tank valve....
...that is on the left side of motorbike. End pipe was fixed to lever with a steel clamp.

After that all I needed was to wait with motorbike on gear and with igniton switched on "ON" position to allow oil to start dropping. It was hot so it didn't take long. When i saw the oil on the end, i regulated flow to 1-2 drops per minute. At the beginning there was some air in the system, so oil fall also on the parking place. After few runs there was no problem with it, and since then the chain is always well-oiled and ready to be used.


  1. Could you share some more information about the solenoid valve you've used? You're talking about a fuel valve from a Skoda, but do you maybe have a type / part id?
    Does the installation still work after 2 years ?

    1. I've sold the bike, but all has been working without any problem for more than one year.
      The biggest problem is the regulation of the flow rate.
      I don't know exactly what valve it is, but I found something similar in google:

      Car parts are the cheapest source of electrovalves.
      I am thinking about finding some more sophisticated solution but now I am trying to repair already installed scotoiller (it was in the bike I've bought).
      Feel free to ask me more questions :)

  2. Hi, thanks for showing how you built the oiler. Did you have any problems with the fish tank valve?