Sunday, January 1, 2012

Milling machine, part 2

Mechanical part of milling is done! Now should be much easier. The post describe some details about construction and first tests.

Four sections were tighten to the base. Z axis mechanism will be attached to them.
Z-axis drive is similar to previous two. I used wrench locked between the nuts to move screws.
There is first time i make such things, not bad at all, milling is quite stiff and clumsy. Despite some deviations it quite fluently. The problem is quite large torque required to rated screws.
The drive is dremel attached by steel clamps.

I made first test of mill piece of steel, unfortunately drive is too weak, should have 10 times more power. For now, it must be, later I will buy something bigger.
Overall I am happy, mill will be useful for next constructions. Steel processing is beyond its capacity, while the light milling in wood, plastics and laminates should be as possible. Even if treatment is not possible, all will be useful for testing of the electromechanical part (it is not stepper motors!). Now the priority is to refine the drive axle, so that they could be controlled via computer. Another challenge will be to develop a patent for mounting the workpiece to the table.

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