Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I needed a device that allows me to communicate with CAN bus.
Until now, I used logic analyzer or Beagle Bone Black so simple interface facilitate my work. First I designed myself, even created a prototype, but ran out of time on programming. Browsing the Internet I find this: decided to use this project instead of building my almost identical device from the beginning.

I modified slightly this project, I added LEDs to signal reception and transmission, and swapped all the parts for SMD. Instead of threaded connections I used a DB9 connector.
I design small PCB:

Unfortunately, as is usually the case took a few bugs on the PCB. Firstly, I did not follow footprints ideal for components used (error in libraries KiCad). Secondly wrong lines Tx Rx.
Fortunately, both faults could be circumvented and the device works fine.
I made a mistake by setting a DB9 connector, and thus it is mounted in mirror image -  it is simply to workaround, but I cannot directly to connect to industry standard connectors.

I used original soft while I had a problem with bootloader which found only here:

I plan to improve all bugs on the circuit and I will add full galvanic isolation (with power supply) and output protection, so that the whole was idiot-proof :)
I would like to make some cover so I could use this device without fear of a short circuit not only in workbench area.

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